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Web Analytics Solutions

BrainPulse UK has earned its expertise in presenting detailed, statistical reports and then analyzing it to find suitable solutions for long persisting issues regarding your visitors’ behavior. As an absolute Internet marketing Company, we track, collect, measure and analyze the quantifiable Internet data to identify the weak points and further fine-tune website’s visitor experience and improve conversion rate.

Conversion Analytics Study

Our web analytics services study is further divided into two sections . conversion based analysis and traffic based analysis. These studies provide you with insights on how your website is performing in terms of traffic and conversion, and help you improve your website to deliver much higher conversion rate.

Traffic based web analytics offer qualitative information on your website’s inbound and outbound traffic. It helps identification of utilized pages, misleading pages and visitor-repellent content. Clients get detailed reports with traffic report analysis and recommended modifications.

Traffic is not the ultimate aim, conversion is. Our web analytics services UK employs best web analytics tools such as Urchin, Google Analytics etc to identify both visitor-repelling points and strong funnels that are driving in sales and improved conversion rates.

Gaining from the massive scope of Web Analytics

Web analytics solution provides qualitative information about visitors’ behavior on your website. The information is then analyzed and utilized wisely to implement sensible, profitable changes and modifications. The web analytics reports study, help you identify:

  • Visitors. behavior on your website
  • Patterns of traffic
  • Key performance indicators ( KPI)
  • Performance of website optimization efforts
  • Scope of conversion optimization strategy
  • Online revenue-enhancing opportunities
  • And more
Do not only gain insights on how your website is performing in terms of traffic and conversion but also on how can you improve your website conversion rate. Call us now and speak with a reputed web analytics company.

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