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Web analytics Tools

Web analytic tools provide useful insights on user interactive behavior. BrainPulse UK experts have gained profound expertise in understanding coeval, efficient web analytics tools while working with varied web analytics software( Multivariate testing through Google website optimizer, User-experience testing, Web Server Log Analysis, JavaScript Page Tagging Hybrid and hosted applications). We select the apt tools and robust applications to help you understand your site’s visitors better.

Selecting Right Of Web Analytic Tools For your UK Website

Naturally, as a businessperson, you would not know the technical nitty-gritties of web analytics. This is where we come in. After analyzing and understanding the metric of your website, we suggest you the most efficient web analytical tools that will render maximum insights on your website.s users. behavior. The website assessment process involves close assessment of core business requirements such as KPIs, reports, objectives, strategy, etc, along technical requirements like site architecture, IT requirements, server, script pages and more.

Most Powerful Web Analytics Tools

BrainPulse UK employs some of the industry’s most successful and popular Web Analytics tools to track and understand traffic on your website.

Extremely Simple! Just provide some basic information about your website and sign up for the analytics tool. You can update your setting and choose the data you track. It tracks visits, page views, the referral source, geographic data and split testing results.

The tool is primarily used to track key demographic information regarding your visitors such as their income, age, likes and dislikes. It also tracks social network activity and the count of mobile users on your website. The insights may help you customize your content as per your audience.

Extremely powerful, the Omniture analytic tool is a must for media sites wishing to assess the success rate of their videos. It renders real-time access to users activities on your. We specialize in using it and pulling out valuable, actionable real time insights on your users. behavior.

An open-source Website analytics application, Piwik is free for all and is developed by using PHP and MySQL. Piwik helps you track some certain users, activities and pages. It also monitors the files that get downloaded from your website. Since features are composed in form of plugins, you mad add and remove as per your requirements.

Implementing & Configuring Web Analytic Tools For You

BrainPulse UK abodes the expert professionals who take the responsibility of configuring a complete web analytics program having apt web analytics tools to eventually provide you with accurate data. Our experience empowers us with remarkable talent to implement and correctly configure web analytics tools as per your site’s requirements. Our website analysis services ensure to let you save hugely on time and troubles while picking the right insights to guide your business in the right direction.

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