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Terms And Conditions

All the services and offerings at BrainPulse are privileged with a number of well-defined terms and conditions. All the transactions on the website are wrapped under these terms for better transparency and offerings.

Frequently Used Terms :

BrainPulse: The company that provides the services.
Services: Products and services offered by BrainPulse and associated companies.
We/ our/us: BrainPulse technologies Pvt. Limited.


Company charges the amount against said services in Indian Rupee and US Dollars only. Only the customer will liable to pay the taxes/levies of any kind which become due with the payment.

Payment Terms

Every order (s) placed at our website or associated sites is subjected to the acceptance by BrainPulse. A written communication will be forwarded to you to convey the acceptance of your payment. Payments are most likely accepted in advance, however, installment or credit terms are also considered at the discretion of BrainPulse.

Limitation Of Liabilities

BrainPulse retains the right to discontinue services due to reported violations of the service terms. Communication in this regard will be tendered as a formal notice via E-Mail/Fax or any other feasible formats.

Our Clients

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