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Social Media Marketing Methodology UK

BrainPulse’s Social Media Marketing Methodology offers businesses an opportunity to have an innovative platform to launch their goal-oriented SMM campaigns. With our robust SMM Methodology UK, we provide businesses maximum scope to engage, interact, connect, and share information with their potential customers.

Social Media Marketing Methodology UK Social Media Marketing Methodology UK

Our SMM process UK is offered in three phases. Each phase has a certain set of activities that are carried out in order to ensure maximum online exposure. Not only it helps with influential interaction but also strengthens the aspect of online branding.

Content Strategy Content Strategy

BrainPulse creates content that is comedienne to educate, interact and engage with the potential customers. Understanding the gravity of content, our core team of SMM experts UK helps you to select and create content that has full substance to support your business objectives and revenue goals.

Competent Content channels

  • Press Release, Articles, Blog posts
  • White Papers, Newsletters
  • Videos, Podcast, Images
  • Forums, Reviews & opinions
  • Webinars

Integrating Networks

Integrating correct content in correct channels is the core and essence of social media marketing. Our competent team of SMM professionals responsibly manage the integration process syndicating your content to the extensive social networks and websites available.

Most Successful Content Publishers Integrating Networks

  • Social Networking (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.)
  • Bookmarking networks ( Tagged, Bebo, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Google Reader, StumbleUpon etc)
  • Video channels (Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc)
  • And More

Communicating With The Audience Communicating With The Audience

The communication phase of our Social media marketing methodology creates meaningful engagement and rapport with the potential readers. Audience engagement and constant monitoring are two primary take-ups and most critical activities of this phase.

Engagement Boosters

  • Threads and posts
  • Fresh polls or survey
  • New, interesting conversations
  • Open-end questions

Network Building

Social networks offer the largest communities and groups of relevant users. BrainPulse UK works strategically to assist its clientèle have clear access to this audience pool. Highlighting you as a potential business entity, we invite massive count of potential customers to your network to make it more wider exhaustiveness.

Increase Network contours

  • Group building
  • Email Invitation to community
  • Joining relevant communities
  • Call to action on website
For more information on our Social Media Marketing services (SMM) and plans, Feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

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