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SEO Service Standards And Guidelines

BrainPulse sincerely takes note of SEO standards published on Google’s Terms of Service. It also follows strictly all the instructions mentioned in the Yahoo! TOS, and the AltaVista Terms of Use, and all important guidelines released by leading search engines. We are a sincere SEO Company, India that promises to deliver the best practices in order to keep you safe from any kind of penalty or damage.

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No SEO Spam / Black Hat Techniques @ BrainPulse

We promise to deliver Guaranteed SEO services BUT we ensure that no Black Hat SEO Techniques get employed to attain this task. No such practices will be entertained by any of our SEO services expert as it may end in website’s temporary or permanent disqualification from the search engine. In addition, none of the following activities will ever be practiced by the BrainPulse team of professionals.

  • Dynamic pages on templates
  • Duplicating Websites
  • Unethical link building
  • Cloaking web pages
  • Creation of Doorway pages
  • Bad Neighbourhood link building

You Are Safe With Us

BrainPulse strictly follows the guidelines of copyrights and Trademark Certification Violation and takes complete responsibility of not hampering or violating copyrights or trademarks of others. We will not use or share with any other third party (without your consent) your material, businesses trademarks, or any other intellectual property.

Guaranteed SEO Services

We deliver guaranteed SEO services. To know more about our guarantee or 100% money back program, please speak with our representative or click here.

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