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SEO Reporting

BrainPulse enables you access the professional reporting structure. We want our clients to keep a watch on our activities and measure our performance. Every month or week, we send our clients detailed SEO reports to inform them about the progress of the SEO Campaign.

Get Accurate, Customized SEO Reports

Since every website has its own set of SEO activities and differ from other campaigns in terms of stages of development, competition, long-term goals and niche, we design and deliver exclusive SEO reports for each of our clients.

Prominent Features of our SEO Reporting System

  • The SEO reports are detailed, insightful and customized
  • The SEO reports are generated in easy, basic format
  • The Reports delivery schedule can be set by the client
  • No additional fees is charged to receive SEO reports


With our genuine and highly accurate SEO services reports, clients can gain insightful information regarding ranking trends. The reading further helps them in-build the strategic decision making ability.


The scope of each report and the time given to complete the audit may vary as per the size and specific requirements of the website.

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