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Online Media Planning And Buying Services UK

BrainPulse launches its Online media planning and buying services to help businesses take their brand propositions and messages to their targeted audience. Our highly experienced online media planning and buying experts excel the art of understanding your business and developing a seamless media strategy. They also work with you to carry out media research, to launch the online ad campaign and to analyze the result. The objective of these services is to provide an online business with lead generation, traffic and brand awareness.

Online Media Planning And Buying Services UK

Online Media Planning & Buying Process

Online media planning and buying services are rendered in two phases. The first phase primarily deals with research and creativity; whereas the second phase is more pragmatic and provides ad campaign analysis and reporting.

Phase I

  • Collect Information: The is the stage of gathering information. Insightful details on client’s campaign objectives, anticipated metrics, target, funds etc is gained.
  • Online Media Research: As per the information collected, the experts devise a media buying strategy to bring out the best ad networks, content sites, web portals, and niche audience sites. The choice is as per the clients’ objectives and target audience. In addition, we also promise best pricing and appropriate ad placing opportunities.
  • Creative Presentation: BrainPulse’ online media planning and buying services UK ensure to present the best digital formats to put across your targeted message. A few choices are Text Ads, Skyscrapers, Leaderboard, Banners, Medium rectangular, Expendables, Pre-roll, and more.

Phase 2

Test and Track the ad campaigns: Our online media planning and buying services team employees both domestic testing program as well as external ad-serving technology in order to come up with the most accurate test results.The results facilitates:

  • Online advertising campaign analysis and optimization
  • Tweaking in your website marketing strategy
  • Change in ad impressions, placements/buys, etc.

Reporting: As a client what you are primarily concerned with, is end result. Therefore, you are provided with exhaustive campaign tracking reports. These reports are self-explanatory and very smart statistically.

At BrainPulse UK, we are always eager to talk more about our online media buying and planning services. Hence, come to us to learn more about the way you can strengthemn your brand and fetch genuine leads, from best online media sources.

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